Learning to be happy (EVENT CANCELED)

“Have you ever felt that someone is not you, turn your life ?. Have you felt that your life is taken by others and have not been able to say enough is enough?
For many people, life is like riding a car, sometimes co we go in the back seat, or even hidden in the trunk … And we get to destinations you would not want to have come …

Thus, other they direct our life, take our own car, leaving us at the mercy of their decisions.

In this workshop you will learn to you who must bring your own car, which must take charge of your life. Let us understand that Happiness is something you learn and to be happy and have the future we want, it depends solely on us and our decisions.

We understand how our emotions to our advantage and make them live the life they really want to work.
Not worth living at half speed, half not worth living, you have to be really happy ”

PLACE: NETWORKIA PORTAL ANGEL, Portal del Angel, 36, 08002 Barcelona


REGISTRATION: networkia@networkia.es attendees indicating name, company and phone number.

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